The Anna O Story

Over the years someone called Stacey became Anna-O.

You can call me 'negative'.
You can call me 'anxious'
You can call me 'mentally ill'
You can call me 'mad'
You can call me 'screwed up'
You can call me 'stressed'
You can call me 'weak'
You can call me 'emotionally unstable'
You can call me 'hopeless'
You can call me Anna-O.
You can't call me by my real name.
She's gone long ago.

Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2005. After months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy she tried to rebuild her life, returning to work but continued to battle with horrendous depression which had begun in 2003. Unfortunately the cancer returned in May 2008. That Autumn she made a conscious decision to start Plan A, began to give up all medication except painkillers and started practising a 'fake it 'til you make it' approach to life. 
For Christmas that year she was given a 'better' digital camera and began to reconnect with the world, focusing mainly on macro photography of flowers. Her best efforts can be found on Red Bubble.

In mid 2009 Anna self-published a book: Flying Towards Hell, poetry and prose written whilst in her bubble of darkest depression and hoped against all the odds that she was on the path to recovery. Some more difficult things happened in late summer but in mid September she began a part-time course in Education Administration, beginning a dream to gain a BA Honours degree.

Alas, just two months later, in November 2009, the cancer showed again as small areas of secondary cancer on her lungs. Anna is working on Plan B now - a healing pot of mind, body, spirit.

Anna wants to stay being Anna....

Anna wants to do EVERYTHING....

Anna is saying YES to Life....

Anna is beginning Plan B....