And so what is Plan B?

Could Plan A really have worked - who knows? Anna didn't. But now there is a Plan B - a new holistic journey.

The Healing Plan

What is required to heal the mind?

  • The most supportive family, struggling with surely their own grief and worry, rallying always to support and cheer, producing tasty food, phoning, hugging, encouraging hope, just being there. Anna NEEDS to believe she is deeply loved.
  • The most amazing counsellor continuing to support Anna's journey. Actively supporting the researching of alternative cancer therapies, actively supplying a 'shoulder to cry on', with an array of support therapies, a large dose of positivity and - the belief that Anna can have a choice, can have control, can even have hope. Anna NEEDS to believe she can and will get well. Small steps...
  • Hugs, a touch, an 'I care...' moment...
  • Relaxation CDs to relax troubled thinking, breathing techniques that allow heart coherence. Anna NEEDS to practise these things every day.
  • Finding peace of mind/of heart/of soul - as yet unachieved or even envisioned. Anna NEEDS to believe it IS possible.

And the body?

  • After so much internet and book research, dead ends, twists and turns, high roads, low roads and all points in between there came Cancer Options - an independent consultancy service with a very appropriate name. Some-one called Patricia gave Anna ALL the options for alternative therapy treatment, not just chemotherapy (the only real thing offered by the NHS - a 'palliative not curative' approach) but a range of metabolic and other therapies and an array of supplements, all with supporting research mostly anecdotal but for some people really had worked. Anna CAN make choices, believe them to be right for her, follow her intuition.
  • Supplements and simple, fresh, organic food and juices. Anna CAN do this.
  • Metabolic therapy (Vitamin C), Hyperthermia and Ozone therapy at the holistic Vision of Hope Clinic in Brighton. Anna MUST believe NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
  • Complementary therapy (aromatherapy/reiki etc) - offered by the local Hospice but unable to be taken because of a fractured wrist. Relaxation and shoulder/neck massage. Hypnotherapy/Acupuncture. Anna SHOULD try all these.

What can ease a troubled spirit?

  • A guardian angel named Summer. Anna MUST believe her angel will protect and guide her.
  • Happy days - happy times - building memories, living each day mindfully. One day, one hour at a time. Anna NEEDS to 'live in the moment'.
  • Planning holidays and days out to 'I've got to go there' places. Anna has already planned to see Monet's Garden in June.
  • Having lots of goals - including getting a degree in 2012; raising money for charity. Anna MUST believe she can achieve.
  • Creative moments - photography, scrapbooking, card-making, textiles and mixed media projects. Things Anna CAN enjoy and develop.
  • Listening to the Tao on audio CD - the Way, a way.
  • Finding Anna - what is Anna's purpose in life?
  • Finding God - where are you God? Love Anna.

And so this is Anna's Plan - all mixed, all intertwined, all moving fowards to the light - Anna's healing journey.